Bailey and adopted in early 1941 as a standard military bridge. Bailey type panel bridge trusses are substantially lighter and stronger than those of original
Bailey and the present design uses improved orthotropic steel decks in lieu of original timber decks.

Major components of Panel bridge are :

1. Panel - 10ft (3048mm) long and 4ft 9in (1448mm) high between pin - hole centres.
2. Panel pins & split pins.
3. Rakers.
4. Transoms - Two types for standard roadway width (3.27m) and extra - wide roadway width (4.250m).
5. Chord reinforcement.
6. Sway braces.
7. Steel deck units including holding down bolts, nuts & washers.
8. End posts ( Male & female type ).
9. Bearings.
10. Base plates.
11. Bracing frames & Bracing bolts.
12. Chord bolts.

All the above components are standardised, fully inter changable and could be carried by a sixman party. They are transportable using a 3-Ton truck to remote area sites and rapidly erected manually. They are 100% reusable in permanent, emergency or temporary applications.

The bridges are described according to the number of trusses and storeys which form the main girders. In all cases, the number of trusses are given first followed by number of storeys. However, "single double" "and single triple" form an unstable structure and must not be used.

There are, therefore, five possible combinations of girder panels, e.g. Single Single (S.S), Double Single (D. S), Triple Single (T. S), Double double (DD) and Triple Double (TD).

Aforesaid girder constructions can be reinforced further by bolting chord reinforcements to the top & bottom chords of trusses and such type of bridges are annotated by adding the letter 'R', e.g, DDR meams "double double reinforced".

The Panel is the basic member of the bridge. It is a welded structure with two chord members connected by vertical and diagonal members. These members are made from high tensile structural steel. At one end of the panel, both chords terminate in a male lug and at another end in female lugs. The panels are connected by engaging these lugs and inserting panels pins through the holes provided. There are holes in the top and bottom chords by which panel can be joined one above the other or with chord reinforcement, using chord bolts, thus forming multiple storey or chord reinforced trusses.

120’(DSR) 24R Load Class Bailey Bridge, Supplied to PRANAB PAL at Kailasahar, Tripura North, Location of the Bridge : Road From MANU DHUMACHERA FATIK ROY, ROAD to EMRAPASSA.
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