The portable structures manufactured by Vinayak Rail Track (I) Pvt. Ltd. are more comfortable and durable than tents providing relief from extreme climatic condition
prevalent in India. They are more economical and semi permanent. These structure provides better living conditions & are fire, water, termite retardant, they cover various application which includes :-

Prefabricated Shelters can be made of any desired sizes such as 6x15 mtr, 4x4mtr. Suitable for site offices, dispensary, schools, rest room, housing, camps.
Robust construction : Termite, water and fire retarding structures safe in earthquake prone areas.
Quick-assembly : Unmatched assembly speed - 8 people in 24 hours for a 500 sq ft house.
Attractive designs : Customized to your need with a beautiful and elegant finish.
High quality : Robust, durable structures, built to withstand strong winds and snow loads.
Cost effective : An affordable combination of quality and cost.
Insulation : Sandwich insulated panels provide good soundproofing, and insulation against hot and cold climates.
Light structures : Easy to transport and install in remote inaccessible areas including hilly terrains.
Long life : Once installed will match the life of conventional construction.
Flexibility in Construction : Can also be erected on steel based frameworks, with floorboards, steel deck etc. based on customer requirements.
Living Shelter
Toilet Block
Site Office
Prefabricated Shelter

  • Guard Huts
  • Gun Shed
  • Hangers
  • Health Centre
  • OJ. Shelter
  • School Class Room
  • Site office
  • Storage Shed
  • Site Accommodation
  • Sperical Dome
  • Workforce Camps
  • Ware House
  • Light Weight Modular Collapsible Man - Portable Shelter
  • Double Sleeping Bunk
  • Single Sleeping Bunk
School Class Room
Health Center
Health Centre
Double Sleeping Bunk
Single Sleeping Bunk

Vinayak Roofing and wall cladding systems are specifically designed to cater all kinds of industrial and commercial roofing and cladding needs. The high performance and quality offered by these systems ensure extra strength, better over lap, weather tightness, corrosion resistance, low maintenance cost and good aesthetics.

These sheets are produced on state of the art fully automated machines and match all
international standards and specifications.

  • Railway Stations
  • Power Plant Shed
  • Factory Shed
  • Aircraft Hangers
Factory Shed
Power Plant Shed

Technical Parameters of Material

Galvalume steel

Galvalume steel is a zinc aluminum coated steel offering high corrosion resistance. This alloy coating comprises of 55% aluminum 43% zinc and 1.5% silicon. This coating offers a superior barrier protection against varied atmospheric conditions. The coating class is 2 AZ - 150 as per AS : 1397, which means 150 gms / m minimum coating mass total of both sides.

Galvalume sheets are available in tensile strengths of 300, 345 & 550 MPa

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel comprises of zinc coating over mild steel with minimum coating mass of 2 120 gms / m as per IS 277 and in tensile strength of min. 240MPa.

Standard Conformance
AS : 2728, AS 1397
IS : 14246, IS : 277


Color coating oven baked painted system of following types are available.

1) Galvalume Steel : Super Polyester XRW, Silicon modified polyester or fluoropolymer 20 microns (exposed side) & neutral alkyd back coat of 5 microns over primer coat of 5 microns on both side.

2) Galvanized Steel : Polyester top coat of 20 microns over primer of 5 micron (exposed side) & alkyd back coat of 5 microns over primer coat of 5 microns.

Vinayak PUF Panel Systems consist of prefabricated sandwich panels. The modular design offered by these panels enables easy & quick installation along with durability.

These panels are interlocked with each other using Cam Lock Systems or through Tongue & Groove arrangement, which ensures a precise interlocking of panels and dimensional accuracy. This eliminates the risk of thermal bridging & provides an air tight joints between panels after erection.
Cold Storage
Puf Insulated Panels
Living Shelter with Puf Panel
JO shelter 7.32 x 6.10m with. The wall made in sandwich panel system using 2 Nos 10mm thick Cement Flat Sheet/Boards (Asbestos Free) confirming to IS: 14276 : 1995 amdt No 1 as skins with 27mm gap in between filled with 27mm thick expended polystyrene core having bulk censity of 15kg/cum confirming to IS 4671/1984 Type-I.

The cement sheets/boards and expended polystyrene core shall be bonded together using PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate) based bonding material confirming to IS : 4835 : 1979
OJ Shelter
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